Вышли 19 и 20 номера журнала Irregular

Вышел 19 и 20 номер журнала Irregular ( содержание и ссылки на скачивание всех номеров). Журнал издаётся на английском языке и потому не вижу смысла переводить содержание без перевода самих журналов. Учите английский!

Скачать Irregular №19 — Issue 4 Volume 2 — осень 2017

Обложка журнала Irregular №19 - Issue 4 Volume 2 - осень 2017

Editors Challenge — 9 page
Ed moved house and had to redecorate his MAN CAVE.

James M Hewitt Interview — 12 page
We interview one of the hobby’s leading game designers.

Return of Necromunda — 17 page
We take a fond look at the return of one the best skirmish games ever.

Chibi Painting Competition — 20 page
The Golden Kolbold was held for the first time this year.

Brutal Kingdom Review — 23 page
Review of this small table top card game.

Interview with Model Box — 24 page
We catch up with George from Model Box to discuss Miniature subscription service

Cold War Series — 28 page
A new series looking at the Cold War and potential hot spots that could be used as possibilites for a Cold War gone hot, starting with the Chinese Civil War.

Pathfinder Adventurers Handbook — 34 page
We take a look inside the new Adventurers Handbook for Pathfinder.

UK Games Expo — 36 page
A review of this years Games Expo.

Interview with Long Pack Games — 39 page
We caught up with Shanghai based Gaming manufactorer

Exit; Tomb of Pharoh Review — 43 page
A review of the new escape board game.

Interview with Raku Ganmes — 45 page
We interview Raku Games.

Warhammer World — 48 page
The editor visits Warhammer World since the revamp, last time he went was in 2010.

Blast from the Past: Land Raider — 51 page
Alex takes a fond look back at the Rogue Trader era Land Raider.

Open Combat Review — 54 page
We take a look at the skirmish game Open Combat

Cold War Commander Review — 57 page
We take a look at these modern warfare rules

Скачать Irregular №20 — Issue 5 Volume 2 — Winter 2018

Обложка журнала Irregular №20 - Issue 5 Volume 2 - зима 2018

Editors Challenge — 5 page
Ed continues to to get his grey army painted.

News — 7 page
A round up of the latest happenings in the gaming world

Malifaux App — 13 page
A quick look at the new smart phone app

Gangs of Rome — 14 page
A quick overview of the new game Gangs of Rome

Underbelly of Rome — 16 page
A look at the crimminal world of Rome

Gaming on the Cheap — 18 page
A look at a free to download Medieval Rule Set

Roman Terrain — 20 page
A look at the different types of building terain in Roman Britian

Hong Kong During WW2 — 24 page
An overview of Hong Kong under the Japanese

Star Trek Adventures — 26 page
A review of the new Star Trek RPG

Painting Tutorial — 28 page
How to paint WW2 British Camo

Model Box Review — 32 page
A review of the miniature subscription service

Pen and Sword Review — 34 page
We review two wargaming books from Pen and Sword

Stoessi Heroes — 36 page
A review of this great range of WW2 miniatures

Roman Card Buildings — 38 page
A review of 1/72 scale Roman Buildings.

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